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Racial issues in comics

The online chate we had during fridays class was awesome. i felt like he had such a great insight and knowledge of what issue face our community today. And his insight was also not of a negative temperment. I enjoyed listening to him speak of racial problems, as well as, gender issuses. There were many questions asked and I admit that I asked one that was in order to help me with some direction in my paper.
I asked him how he has seen body imagine change or not change in comics and his reply was one of humor and intregue. he stated that it was interesting to think of women and men, physically portrayed in comics because of a few things. First many illustrators seem to have never seem what a real woman looks like because they are so unproportional and outrageous looking. He stated that he knows onw artist that loves to draw butts of his female characters. He said that in every scene the female character is drawn with a large butt and huge breasts. This is how this man sees women, which means that he is thrusting his distortions on his audience and seems to be idealistic or full of wishful thinking. Almost all women look nothing like what comic books protray them as and it is sad. The writer suggested taht maybe they should do a little more studying of the female form because they obviously have no clue.
This is, of course, sad in some ways but also seems to reflect what society and men dream about. They dream of big busty women, who have nice bottoms and wear tight revealing clothes. Lets also remember that women who are like this are never really considered marriage materail, more like the women you date for fun before you decide to settle down. This is the society adn men that exist today. they may not all be like that and I may be generalizing but there are a lot more big busty and bottomed women figures that are popular in pop culture than there are heavy, flat-chested, flat-bottomed women. Why is this, I guess people are just confused about what they really want!!
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