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Image Development

Wonder Woman was always depicted as a beautiful, strong, female heroine but as times changed, so did her character. New artists decided that a face-lift was necessary and transformed her sleek and clean image into something much more extreme. She use to look like a somewhat average figured woman. She was voluptuous, strong, intelligent, and beatuiful, and those were qualities and traits that many women could relate to and see in themselves, may be even look up to. That, however, didnt remain the case. Opinions change, and body image did as well. Society no longer wanted to watch the average women do things, they wanted more. Men tend to responde to sex. We all know the phrase, "Sex sells" and that is true. Wonder Women was an iconic, sexy symbol that needed to be updated so that they following generation of readers, males and females, could see something that would shock and awe them. Sexy women tend to grab attention and hence the new and improved Wonder Women was needed and appeared. She was now faster, stronger, more busty, more voluptous, and much more thin and beautiful. Thats what we wanted, a new image to go ga-ga over.
Wonder Women represents much more than big boobs and big butt, she is strong, intelligent and capable of many things and if she were reall im sure she would be more than loved. So i dont want to take anything away from what was or has become of the character, i just want to say that if we critized this character then lets also look to other, including male characters and see hoe they look. Because although people may not have the same bodies as these extreme characters, they want to and asked to be surrounded by them.


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The ruminations over new activity to bring Wonder Woman back to the small screen once again remind me of the unique place DC Comic characters occupy in our collective mind’s eye. The struggle to produce a Wonder Woman film says much about the challenge represented by the Amazon Warrior/Princess who does not need to be rescued. Despite the growth of women’s role in society, we still assume a paternal and maternal model for men and women's in society. While Wonder Woman is not barred from motherhood, she is not seeking to place herself within the familial framework in an obvious way. Indeed, the recent runs of Wonder Woman have been better in part, because they have embraced the character as who she is--warrior, diplomat, and leader. Wonder Woman is one of the key characters from DC, yet she has not had the iconic stories similar to Batman (The Dark Knight Returns, The Killing Joke, or Year One) or Superman ( Greatest Stories or Red Son) in print. Instead, many people know abo…

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Comic books are often blamed for societal failure. Comics are the perfect excuse for a child's bad behavior. Comic books are often violent and very influential. Kids these days look for role models and some of the role models they find happen to be in comics. Parents also hate to place blame on themselves for their children acting out. This is why they look towards comics to blame. It seems like no one ever fesses up to any of their mistakes and people look for a reason to cover them up. Comics cannot be continued to cover up or mistakes. We need to start getting our acts together and realize we are the ones who need to take responsibility for our actions. If society is that influenced by comics we definitely have a major problem.

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