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I'm Back!

Comic books... upfront let me say I'm so happy I took this class because otherwise I would not have had any real exposure to comics this semester- I just wouldn't have had time. But thank God (or whoever you might thank) that I did, cause now I get to talk about the awesomeness of 80s comics, which is where we seem to finally be stumbling towards. Now we seem to have started discussing minorities in comics, which were pretty non-existent in much of major comic continuity. Ironically enough, I'm pretty sure this is still a persistent problem. I'm actually writing about Black heroes for my term paper, and had a difficult time finding important characters within the Marvel and DC universe that truly encompass or depict the struggles Blacks face/d. Priest touched on this, and I thought that was a worthy part of his discussion (though I do not agree with much of the other things he said, but I digress). I wonder what it will take to have valuable depictions of other minorities in comics. I think it's quite interesting how some Black authors have written special arcs, like Eric Dickey Jerome with a Storm arc. Maybe minorities have to take charge and write their own material, but then the question arises of how they can take their work out of the indie realm into the mainstream.

Oh, and institutional racism... tough claim to make... I don't know if I completely buy it.
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