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The Arrow and the Lantern

In the first issue of the team up series of the Green Lantern and the Green Arrow, some very interesting questions about justice are raised. Also, the state of our society at the time was reflected very well in this premiere issue.
In the beginning, The Green Lantern was represented and introduced as the superhero who we know who lives by the mantra “no evil shall escape my sight”. It is interesting how that evil in comic books has always been interpreted by street bullies and “bug eyed monsters”, but now much more needs to be fixed in the United States by the Green Lantern and his power ring, and the Green Arrow is the one to open his eyes to that. I love how the Green Arrow presents this moral dilemma to the Green Lantern In conflict, there are two sides, and often there is more than just good and evil at stake. Also, the Robin Hood feel of the Green Arrow is so humorous to me yet so cool, as his attitude iin the comics is characterized much deeper than most characters than we have read.
Also, this issue made some very important historical references to the state of our nation at the time. When pleading with Green Lantern, the Green Arrow brought up the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and the assassination of Robert Kennedy. These men were fighting for the same values of the American way but with different methods, and I thought that It was a very interesting parallel drawn between those two great American figues and the Green Lantern and the Green Arrow


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