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His sales may go up after class today!

Im was very interested by the speaker we had today in class. I would have to say that before this class I really never read comic books and now that I know that some of my favorite television shows have been continued through comics, i just might have to take a look.
One thing that I found was most interesting about his presentation was when he spoke about the amount of women that come into his shop on a weekly basis. Video games and comic books are something that I always really saw as a male dominated interest. I know that i personally like to play gameboy (Nintendo DS) and whenever i enter into a GameStop of the game section as BestBuy, I get looks like "what are you doing here?" or "she must be looking for a brother or boyfriend". Its really annoying to say the least but its also understandable. He said today taht only 30% of women come into the store, which is about 20% more than i excepted. That is because it seems that women arent as interested, arent introduced into that type of genre at a younger age, like boys are, or may be its because people dont think that girls should read about violence, crime, murder, and drugs. Its almost as if they are sheilded from that type of entertainment for fear they will grow up hardened like many parents (fathers) believe their boys should be. Its the same with sports. Its ok for girls to play sports now, but early in the 20th century, it was too manly. Its was a cultural norm for girls to be bad a sports and if they did play, would stop once they began to develop. Even now, a girl that is good a sports, is still questioned as to her levels of masculinity. She is also questioned about her sexuality too. Girls who are good athletes must be girlie too, if not then they are challenged. Its unfair.
Back to my original discussion... I think i may visit this store and see what its all about.


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