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Green Lantern

The Green Lantern was in my opinion much less interesting than Batman or Superman.  I mean Woohoo He has a ring that can do cool things, but without the ring he is completely powerless.  His companion Green arrow is not much better, in that he is also only a superhero due to his bow and arrow, without which he would be powerless.  Green Lantern's enemy is the color yellow, I am sorry if I am offending anyone in saying this but, that is the silliest enemy one could have.  Yellow is a color, how could it possibly be an enemy, other than not being exactly your color or not flattering against your skin complexion, yellow tends to not have any hazardous effects.  I realize that in many comics there are issues or qualities that the comic has or must deal with that are unrealistic, but this is the most absurd in my opinion.
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