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Green Arrow

The Green Arrow is so a rip off of Robin Hood- not only in the costume and choice of weapon, but also in the mission of helping protect the oppressed from the vicious upper class. I’m somewhat surprised Green Arrow’s alias is not some pun on the name Robin Hood. I did, however, like how Nazis became the enemy in rural America. I’m assuming that the presence of these Nazis who were rescued from war camps/ prisons means that Americans’ were facing a degree of anxiety over the Neo-Nazi movement. It could also just be that the writers were remembering the success of the Nazis as a villain during the war years. I also noticed the reference to Charlie Manson in the villain with the creepy and weird hypnotic eyes. That section seemed to point out that even superheroes, good and strong people, are able to fall victim to corruption with the temporary fall of the Black Canary.

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