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Jim Handlin... friend or foe?

Well, after class today it is safe to say he is definitely a friend. Seriously, what a cool man! I learned a lot about the business of comic books after he came to speak to us. I had no idea about the differences between owning his own comic shop and going to a place like Borders. In addition, I did not know there were two channels for comic book sales -- newsstands, which allow you to return the comic, and a direct order system, which allows Mr. Handlin to own the comics giving him a larger sale when they sell.

It was also nice to hear that he graduated from college as an Economics major. My older brother used to be a huge comic book nerd and would drag our family to a place called "Comic Book Heaven" to by the latest X-Men comics. The clerks in that store were some of the shadiest looking characters I have ever seen (keep in mind I am a young, impressionable six year old at this time). But of course the stereotype of comic book store owner always being like the guy from The Simpsons does come to mind. To know that Mr. Handlin is a well educated, married individual helps break that typecast. Before I graduate from Rollins I do plan to visit his shop and pick up some Green Lantern material.

By the way, thank you again Professors Chambliss & Svitavsky for the donuts and juice.


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