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A Different Iron Man 3?

Marvel studios confirms a different version of ‘Iron Man 3′ will open in China - The Global Dispatch

Iron Man 3 will have a slightly different edit for the Chinese market.  This is not a surprise. Given the restrictions on foreign films in the Chinese market, Marvel Studio's decision to team with DMG entertainment for financing was sure to open the door to more than location shoots and Chinese cameo roles. Some people might grumble, but it is important to note that American entertainment companies have followed similar rules in other countries for decades.  Of greater interest to me is that this change will remind some people of influence or censorship debate linked to U.S. corporation trying to operate in China.  Privacy concerns have dogged Google and twitter for years.  The debate is clearly more serious when human rights for dissents provide the backdrop. Yet, in some ways, the power of escapist entertainment as a space for negotiating perspective might provide interest moments of dialogue. The symbolism intrinsic to the superhero is pro-social. Like those dissents concerned with fairness and equity, the superhero is a crusader for a more just society.  How producers balance those ideas in a global marketplace with differing expectations shaping reception will be an interesting point of analysis.


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