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How have we changed our definition of the comic form over time?

Comic to me, before American Graphic Media class was just a book that I read just for fun and did not pay a lot of attention to those messages author trying to give to readers, and all those technique of using time, emotion, many other skills in comics. Also comic has about six steps, idea,purpose, from idiom, structure, craft and surface. Also, how comics are changing throughout years as our society changes. It is some sort of mirror image of society. I could learn from the comics from few decades ago, and got some idea of how the society was like then. Now when I read comics, I do not just read it for fun and forget the message. Now I look for the message and the skills that author used in comics, such as emotional content, and use of time. There are so much technique been using on comics that most people did not notice or cared about. Comics also often deal and talk about the big issues on our society. Political issues are often used in comics and other problems like sexual identities and economy.
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