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There is a reason why he's called Superman

Superman is the hero. He was the first, and he is the best. In all of the Super Friends/Justice League franchises, Superman is always the leader. Does anyone see those team lead by Aquaman? No! The Man of Steel is the one leading the way to justice. The last line in the article What Makes Superman So Darned American? concludes by saying, "Now that I put it to my mind, I see that John Wayne never had a chance." Of course John Wayne wouldn't have a chance against fighting Superman (perhaps Bruce Wayne could beat him, but that's a different post).

Anyway, Superman is more American than people realize. American Immigrants can relate to his not-of-this-worldly nature, being from Krypton and all. America was born out of people who immigrated here (may I quote our founding fathers), in the pursuit of happiness. The same article that discusses why Superman is so darned American says Superman's ability to fly, "makes him an exemplar of the American dream." Later, the article references the quote about in order to take away a person's manhood, all that is needed to be done is to take away their wheels. Does Superman need wheels? No. If he did though, could someone take them away? Never. That's why Superman is American.

While people like John Wayne or Billy Crockett are nice heroes, they are no Superman. I have all the respect for Clark Kent, because he may be a mild-mannered dweeb, he still is a good natured person. If Superman was of two minds where one was his righteous Superman-self, and the other was an evildoer with a thirst for carnage, then we would have a problem. But we don't. We have the pure will and soul of Clark Kent who wouldn't hurt a fly, and then we have Superman who also has a pure will and soul, but would totally hurt a fly if it was robbing a bank. That is the reason why he is called Superman.

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