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Popular Culture is pretty complex

The article by Raiford Guins and Omayra Zaragoza Cruz is interesting. It breaks down the word culture by examining its origin, uses, and several meanings. Culture is a word I have heard all of my life but I guess I never really have tried to define it. Probably the statement I best agree with was on page 27 where it states that culture, "describes the works and practices of intellectual and especially artistic activity."

Think about that quote for a second... Now think of the word "Google". What comes to mind? The search engine! Google is now apart of human culture (or at least American culture). is the most popular search engine on the internet. Since it is on the internet, and it so well known, I'm guessing the people behind Google are vastly intelligent (as it turns out the creators were two guys who earned Ph.D. degrees from Standford University. Sounds like they're pretty smart to me.) But look at that quote from the article again... "practices of intellectual and artistic activity". I am sure qualifies for intellectual activity, and artistic to a lesser extent.

The article then talks about the definition of the word "Mass". Personally, I did not take away very much from reading about the origin and uses of "Mass". I always was under the impression (and I still am) that mass is a word when you are talking about an excessive amount. Plain and simple. I thought it was a bit confusing for us to be reading about the history of the word "mass" but then again we haven't had our class discussion on the readings just yet. Hopefully tomorrow I will be enlightened why we had to read about mass and what it can do.


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