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Isaac Asimov's Foundation Episode 1

I've created a lot of digital landscape over the years. My goal when I started was to document ideas happen in class and provide students (and me) some way to explore the opportunity offered by digital tools. The landscape has changed a lot. One consequences is finding a consistent duty for 'Nuff Said. Look for 'Nuff Said to reflect a host of activities happening online. You will see post related to comics, but I also want to keep the original identity in the mix. In this way, I will be posting media and artifacts that represent the interplay of linked to geek culture. Case in point, this audio book from Open Culture. Between 1951 and 1953, Isaac Asimov published the Foundation Trilogy. It is widely regarded as the a masterwork in science fiction. I don't think it is hard to argue that comic narratives have been influenced by Asimov's work. The complexity comes in defining how.  I'm working on that. You check out the audio book!

Episode 1


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