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NBCU to tubthump Stan Lee's 'Guardian' - Entertainment News, Film News, Media - Variety

NBCU to tubthump Stan Lee's 'Guardian' - Entertainment News, Film News, Media - Variety

I know from seeing Stan Lee at this year's MegaCon that the man does not stop. While others may paint him as the less talented member of the Kirby/Lee dynamic duo, it is clear he brought and continues to bring a level of creative energy to his work most people can't match. At this point, his name along is enough to get the average person to stop and take notice, so this deal makes a lot of sense for everyone involved. Still, with the Kirby family lawsuit not settled, for some Stan Lee signifies how creators can be abused by corporations. I think this played in the background of DC Comics' holding the line at 2.99 campaign and it will continue to be an issue with DC and Marvel announcing major digital campaigns. Marvel's decision to join with Starbucks to stream it massive digital catalog for free and DC's announcement of Day and Date digital distribution post flashpoint raise serious questions for retailers, but there is also a question for creators and consumers. What will be the implication for paying creators? If, as seems likely, more and more people shift to the digital platform, how do safeguard or purchased material digital cloud under attack from hacker and open to alternation driven by shifts (how much of the user agreements to you actually read?) in corporate policy?


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